House Care

Comprehensive House Care: Your Home, Our Priority

Your peace of mind is our top concern, which is why our House Care Services go beyond just pet care. We’re here to ensure that your home is safe, secure, and well-maintained, allowing you to travel worry-free.
Las Vegas House

Our Las Vegas House Care Services Include:

  • Lights and Blinds: Maintaining a lived-in appearance by adjusting lights and blinds.
  • Alarm Systems: Ensuring your home security is always active and functional.
  • Temperature Adjustments: Creating a comfortable environment for your return.
  • Pool and Spa Checks: Keeping your outdoor oasis in top condition.
  • House and Yard Inspections: Regular checks to catch any potential issues early.
  • Plant Watering: Nurturing your indoor plants to keep them thriving.
  • Mail and Package Deliveries: Collecting mail and packages, so your home looks occupied.
  • Trash and Recycle to Curb: Keeping your curb appeal intact and the home tidy.

Long-Term House Care

For extended travel, our services extend to caring for your home while you’re away. We provide the same level of attention and care you would, giving you one less thing to worry about during your journey.

At Priority Pet Sitting, we treat your home with the same respect and care as we do for your pets. Let us be your trusted partner in ensuring your home remains a haven, even when you’re not there. Contact us to discuss how our House Care Services can enhance your travel experience.